Session length will be 50 minutes.  Sessions, as far as possible, will fall on the same time each week.  Missed sessions will be billed.  With prior notice sessions can be re arranged within the week.


I offer several contracts:

  • Brief time limited to six weeks
  • Medium length time limited therapy between 16 to 24 weeks.
  • An open ended contract, which is ongoing therapy. I require a minimum of six weeks notice of termination of such a contract. However if we have been working together for some time it is likely that a more lengthy period of reflection upon ending the therapy is necessary.


I provide a confidential service. This usually means that sessions will not be discussed with anyone. There are, however, some exceptions:

  • I may discuss work with a supervisor to ensure good practice.
  • I would be required to provide copies of case notes or to appear in person if ordered to do so by a Judge.

I am also obliged to report the following to the appropriate authorities:

  • Current child abuse including paedophilia
  • Threats of deliberate harm against the life of another person or to oneself
  • Threats to commit terrorist acts


I practice under a code of ethics regulated by the UKCP through the AIP. Ethical practice includes, for example:

  • Not exploiting clients, sexually or financially
  • Not making false claims about their training, abilities or practice
  • Maintaining appropriate confidentiality
  • Being properly insured to undertake private psychotherapy practice

Copies of codes of ethics will be supplied upon request.