About Me

A Brief History

I have worked as a psychotherapist in general practice for the last twenty three years working with individuals and the formation of communities.  I follow a pluralistic model originally grounded in the Jungian archetypal work of James Hillman, Group work and multidisciplinary teams.

Recently I founded the psychotherapy and well-being practice Number 42 in London Bridge. Previously I was CEO and Clinical Director at the Core Trust for twelve years and held the post of Chair of the now Council for Jungian Analysis and Psychoanalysis section of the UKCP. I served on the board of the College of Psychoanalysis and Drugscope, Chair The Psychoanalytic Consortium, and Chaired The Centre for Transpersonal Psychology.

I trained at the AIP and CTP, and have an MA in intercultural and group analytic psychotherapy through Goldsmiths College.

I have also worked as a consultant and coach with Olivier Mythodrama and The Roy Leighton Partnership, giving me extensive experience of corporate work.

Previously to this I had a career in the theatre as a Director, Lighting Designer and Company Manager.

My Approach

During the time that has elapsed since my training I have experienced many different schools of psychotherapy mostly psychoanalytic, transpersonal and cognitive. I have been particularly close to the Jungian Archetypal school as established by James Hillman, whilst valuing Psychoanalytic, Group Analytic and Contemplative approaches.

However perhaps most important in my work, more than any one dogma, has been the dialogue between therapists and traditions that my experience has led me through. My role at the CORE Trust required me to contain and develop a space for the dialogue between many different psychotherapeutic schools and traditions of complementary therapy. My experience has been that the richness of this dialogue informs any practice, in the same way the richness of a group is informed by its members.

I bring these skills to the session and my work as a therapist so as to best meet my clients with what they bring.

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